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How are our purses made? 

It is not in a factory. It is not with pre-cut patterns. Our purses are made the same way all great works of art are created: with joy and with passion. The need to make something special. A desire to craft something beautiful.




Craftsmanship and uniqueness brings together all of the things that make our purses one-of-one. Our purses are made by talented people who love creating beautiful works of art. For us craftmanship does not come from mega-factory. It is not about making things look the same.  Quite the opposite in fact.



Our purses are made by hand with real pieces of stone and mosaic tiles, no two are ever alike. Our purses are one-of-one creations –as unique as the people who purchase them. Beautiful souls who bring our purses to the places they live, work and love. This thought excites us.

We love being a part of your life.

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